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Man Arrested for Smoking Crack Cocaine in Police Station

An Ohio man named Rodney Watkins supplied a fake ID to police at a routine traffic stop and then refused to hand out legitimate identification. As a result, he was then taken into police custody in order to see if there were any outstanding warrants for his arrest. While in police detention in Golf Manor, Ohio he was momentarily left unattended in an interrogation room at the police station.

After a brief time alone Watkins pulled out his crack pipe and did not hesitate to light it up to smoke the remaining crack inside. This was of course caught on video and witnessed by another officer who was monitoring him while he was alone in the room. He was very quickly arrested and charged with drug abuse and being in possession of drug-related paraphernalia.

Both is refusal to provide real identification and his decision to do drugs at the police station resulted in his bond being placed at $39,750. Posted outside of the interrogation room is a sign reading: “Audio and video surveillance on duty at all times.”

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