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Water Park Duct Collapse Injures 5 in Ohio

A large portion of a duct fell from the ceiling into a pool at Kalahari Water Park, Ohio, injuring several people and forcing the closure of the park.

Tasha Hummel’s family had been there for three hours when the collapse occurred.

Ms. Hummel and her husband then went looking for their two children, aged 12 and 15.

All I could think of was, ” Were my kids in this pool? ” As a mother, it was terrifying.

Tasha Hummel

Her children were not injured in the accident, but Ms. Hummel regrets that it took her 45 minutes to find them.

She explains that the water park staff evacuated the area around the pool where the pipe had fallen, precisely where the family had established their meeting place. The staff told him that everyone was redirected to the arcade area.

“There was obviously no direction or preparation for an emergency like that,” she said.

Ms. Hummel does not blame park staff for doing their best, but believes it is essential that an emergency plan be put in place.

Several minor injuries

Another Windsor resident, Isabelle Alliet, was also in the park that day. His 12-year-old son, Nathan, was in the pool when the duct fell into the water.

“All I saw was everyone running out of the pool and parents running to pick up their kids,” he said.

When it fell, the pipe hit several people, including two lifeguards.

“He was hit in the head, and there was blood all over his face,” said Nathan Alliet.

The Erie County Sheriff’s Office said the injuries were minor. Two people had to be treated at the hospital, while three others refused treatment.

The park was closed so that the police could inspect the site, before being reopened at 9:30 am Tuesday morning.

The families present at the accident received a refund for the day of Monday, as well as a pass for a day of their choice.

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