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Delta Airlines to Ban “Pit Bull Type Dogs” in Flights

Delta Airlines announced on Wednesday that the company has decided to prohibit “pit bull type dogs” on its flights as service or support animals.

Delta Airlines announced that the new policy will be effectively implemented from July 10, 2018. As per the new policy, passengers will be allowed for only one service or support animal per flight.

The airline was forced to take this strict action because it was facing the issue of numerous company employees bitten by dogs. Delta added that the company has been facing about 84% of the increase in such reported incidents. These incidents involve service and support animals since 2016.

The airline also mentioned a common incident from June 2017 that reported an attack on a passenger by “a 70-pound dog” while travelling in the flight. The airline has not defined what it exactly considers a “pit bull type dog.” Also, it did not explain how it is going to identify such a dog.

Generally, the word “pit bull” does not define any specific dog breed. In fact, it is a common term that can be referred to various breeds and mixed breeds having alike physical characteristics. Breeds labelled as a “pit bull” are the American pit bull terrier, bull terrier, Staffordshire terrier, and dogs resembling those breeds.

The latest policy may put the life of disabled people in difficulty as they may be dependent on a pit bull as a service dog to perform everyday life activities.

On a related note, recently, Delta proclaimed that it is planning to introduce nonstop flights in 2019. These flights will be travelling from Seattle to Osaka, Japan. However, it is not a wholly new route for the company. Previously, it was offering a service for the passenger between Seattle and Osaka for a few years until it cancelled the route in 2013. The reason behind cancelling was the falling Yen.

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