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Ireland Likely To Become First Nation To Deprive From The Fossil Fuels

Irish Government took a revolutionary decision on Thursday to become the first nation to deprive from the fossil fuels. The bill regarding the same was floated into the Dail, Irish Government’s lower house. The bill has now gone in the Seanad—the upper house—where it would pass without any twists and turns. Once the bill gets passed into the houses, it will become a law free country from the holdings of value around $370 million.

‘Trocaire,’ which is an Irish organization for catholic aid, has tried hard for bringing in the bill. Thomas Pringle, who is an independent lawmaker, is the main force in bringing in the bill. He called it the moment where the people of Ireland commit to get serious. Many other cities in the world including New York, couple of organizations and the universities have also declared their plans to deprive their billions of dollars of funds from the fossil fuels organizations. Some nations have already pushed their stand behind such course of action. In the year 2015, the parliament of Norway had also voted to sell its investments in the coal. But till date, not a single nation has shredded their assets from the fossil fuels.

Though the decision in the form of vote was taken, Ireland hasn’t achieved any great in the field of Green energy sources. Ironically, in ‘2018 Climate change performance index,’ the country was ranked last in all of the member countries of European Nations. According to Eammon Meehan, who works as the executive director of ‘Trocaire’, Ireland has earned a lot of reputation at international level, but will have to take significant steps over the issue along with the passing of the bill through the vote in both of their houses.

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