Fujitsu Introduced An Ready-To-Go Service Based On Blockchain

IT giant Fujitsu launches a new consulting service that will ensure a viable minimum “ready to go” product in just five days.

According to the registry, the prices of services start at €9900 and include basic introductory blockchain technology to the assessment of the proposed use and construction of the prototype on the fifth day.

From there, customers can choose to outsource more money so that the product is developed or just walkway keeping in its current form.

Chris Pilling, a senior architect at the Fujitsu Innovation Center, opened in March, said, “It would be a pleasure to say, yes, we now have a business proof, and they want to involve a global blockchain teams. But at current we permit the customer to go out and engage with the prototype.”

Head of the Blockchain Innovation Center, Frederic de Breac said, “This approach of business proof, in sync with the evidence-based concept is a way for customers to approve the business process, which focuses on creating the value of the business and avoiding the common pitfalls of the blockchain.

The overall purpose of the service provides a quick way to start a new development of blockchain or improve the blockchain projects that are already being developed.

The Japanese multinational already has about 50 different patents for blockchain technology, according to BankingTech. Last year it also launched a number of blockchain-related services, which comprise storage and data exchange systems.

One of the founders of the blockchain Hyperledger Consortium, Fujitsu is currently helping to market the Fabric product of the group. Described as a way to accelerate the pace of transactions for high-performance use cases, development will be completed later this year.

The company has been in news constantly for its efforts towards futuristic innovation and introducing those technologies with proof of business. Fujitsu in the previous month had also announced that it will deploy drones to monitor the activity of endangered species.

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