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The Breakthrough In The Billion-Dollar Hacking Group

In a recent breakthrough by the Department of Justice in which it confiscated the three members of the sophisticated billion dollars hacking group and came to know the operation of the group. The FIN7 hacking group which has alleged hacked more than a billion dollar from the companies around the world, which claims that they have stolen more than 15 million credit card numbers around the globe from 3,600 business locations.

The three members of FIN7 who were caught up are the Ukrainian citizen namely Fedir Hladyr, Dmytro Fedorov, and Andrii Kopakov are the contributing member for quite a long time to the most sophisticated and aggressive financially driven group in the world. The three members are charged with 26 felony counts ranging from conspiracy to wire fraud to identity theft. These arrests have marked a great win over the law enforcement agency against the cybercrime. After the arrest of the three members of FIN7, it is been came to know that they had a high profile in the group and were involved in the most of the crime the group claims to had performed.

According to the Justice Department, FIN7 is applying a level of sophisticated that agency would neverhave thought of if they hadn’t arrested the members of FIN7. Their modus operandi was that they would email to the manager of the food chain or a high-end restaurant saying that they have a complaint about their experience in their respective restaurants, and attachment contains all the problems they faced and few suggestions for them. Once the attachment is opened, after a couple of days, FIN7 would hack into the systems of restaurants knowing the passwords of their Point of Sales system and all such details including the telephone number of the customers and details of their other stores, along with the location of fire alarm panels within the restaurants. And they execute the plan in such a manner that nobody would raise a question to the misbehavior of the system. However, the Justice Department is updating itself with all the sophisticated manner of hacking system

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