New Mijia Smart AC By Xiaomi Can Be Converted To Heater As Well

Xiaomi has rolled out a smart AC below its Mijia brand in China with a price label of RMB 2,199, which converts to almost Rs 22,366 in India. Fascinatingly, the AC comes with an electric heater with 900W capacity and can be employed as heater during falls. The AC synchronizes with the smartphone applications Mi Home via which consumers can set cooling period, temperature, and other settings.

The Xiaomi Mijia AC is fueled by a DC inverter compressor worth 1.5HP of capacity and can lower the temperature in a room of 16 to 21 Square Meters. In India, this converts to a capacity of 1.5 Ton. The device can be converted into a heater when needed and can efficiently heat an equally sized room. The AC has a warranty of 6 Years. As fraction of its linked ecosystem, the firm has rolled out its Mi Robot Builder and Mi electric toothbrush in Spain during the Mi A2 handset launch event.

In India, Huami (the subsidiary of Xiaomi) has lately rolled out its Amazfit Stratos and Bip wearables. The Amazfit Bip has a price tag of Rs 5,499, while the Stratos begins at a price tag of Rs 15,999. Both are Flipkart-limited gadgets. Having claimed this, there is no authorized news as if Xiaomi will roll out these gadgets in India.

This Amazfit Bip displays the heart-rate, time, and number of steps. It also receives notifications for messages, calls, and emails. Similar to Amazfit Bip, Stratos can get message and email notifications too. It can track your sporting activities such as walking, swimming, running, cycling, and football.

As far as handsets are concerned, Samsung overtook Xiaomi to regain the leading spot in Q2 in India this year, as per a media. The report claims that the handset market arrived to its double-digit developed as compared to previous by 18%.

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