Boult Audio Rolls Out Wireless Headphones In India

Boult Audio, the audio company, has branched out its product series in India by rolling out Unipod earphones. The new wireless device has a price tag of Rs 799 and is obtainable at Myntra website online.

Unipod sports the technology of Bluetooth 4.2 and has a 20 Hz to 20 kHz of frequency range to make sure seamless and fast transmission of calls & music. Having a weight of just 12 gm, the headphones has 9.2 mm of driver size. The product has CSR8635 processor and neodymium tech to generate synchronized sound. The ear tips of Unipod are slanted at 45 Degrees to make sure that the device does not fall off and fits into the ear canal.

The device supports up to 24 Db of noise isolation. Unipod sports a multi function power button to control calls & music and an in-built condenser microphone. Android, iOS, RIM, and Windows are the platforms supported by the headphones. The Unipod earphones are equipped with Google Assistant and Apple’s Siri support for voice activation. The device is stated to last up to 6 Hours for talktime, or over a day on standby. The device is certified with IPX4 rating as well.

On a similar note, earlier in June 2018, the firm launched its true wireless in-ear headphones dubbed as Echo. The new device had a price tag of Rs 2,249 and is obtainable on Myntra online. The newly launched device comes with CSR8635 processor together with the neodymium drivers to generate synchronized sound. The new device has an in-built condenser mic to get hold of calls in HD.

Google Assistant and Apple’s Siri are the voice assistances supported by Echo. The device is claimed have 8 hours of music streaming and 120 Hours of standby time after a sole charge, as per the firm.

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