Indian Startup Wishes To Enhance Females’ Safety

The establishers of a tech start-up expect that their device will make assaults on females in India a “worry of the past.” India was lately named the most dangerous nation in the world for females in a poll of analysts.

A New Delhi-located firm established in 2015 by 5 engineers, Leaf Wearables, designed the SAFER PRO. It is a small computer processor equipped into a wristband that sends messages to emergency contacts, even in regions with no cellular service on phone.

Once triggered, it unnoticeably records audio and conveys location data to the responders’ network within 90 Seconds.

“We have a vision to view that safety turns out to be a worry of the past, so users can write about a time when females were not safe,” claimed one of the co-founders, Avinash Bansal, to the media in an interview.

“We need this in history chapters instead of the present.”

India was thought to be the most dangerous country in the world for females by analysts in a study posted by the media in June.

Crimes in India against females increased over 80% from 2007 to 2016, when there were 4 rape cases reported each hour, as per government information.

“Say if there are 100 cases occurring, then we wish to be capable of solving 90 of them, or attempt to go as near as the 100 to solve,” one of the co-founders, Manik Mehta, claimed to the media.

Mehta claimed that he and his partners were motivated to make an effort to make a difference after the deadly gang-rape of a teen student in New Delhi aboard a bus in 2012, which resulted in to tougher anti-rape rules and triggered national outrage.

On a related note, China’s Uber, Didi Chuxing, needed to make certain that its car-pooling platform was totally safe for women users. And in this bid it decided that the firm will not allow male drivers pick up women passengers in the after-hours.

Letisha Kadri graduated from Columbia University in 2005. Letisha grew up in Pittsburgh but moved to The US after school. Letisha has written for several major publications including Buzz Feed and the Huffington Post. Letisha is a community reporter and also covers world events.

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