Synology Rolls Out Its DiskStation DS218j For Personal And Home Cloud Storage

Synology has rolled out an entry-level 2-bay NAS, its DiskStation DS218j, which is fueled by a 1.3 Ghz dual-core CPU along with 512 GB of DDR3 RAM. It provides just about 112 MB/s sequential write and 113MB/s sequential read speeds. DS218j is now obtainable in India via offline channels and on Amazon.

The firm claims that the newest Synology DS218j assists you backup all your digital data with low power consumption and quick data transmission. Developed particularly for home consumers, it also offers PC protection’s Cloud Station Backup. The device has features such as real-time incremental backup tech. Using this tech, data can be amassed on a computer and be backed up to a Synology NAS instantaneously employing minimum system resources.

Cloud Station Backup offers an optimized backup solution for your computer. The firm states that with the advanced backup tech, Cloud Station backs up only the altered files and categorizes them into even smaller elements, asking considerably fewer system resources in comparison to conventional backup techniques. In addition to this, Cloud Station Backup performs all backup errands in real-time. When data is huge in size, a real-time backup avoids massive loss of data owing to unforeseen disaster during backup period. This is done by using real-time backup, saving massive loss of data.

According to the firm, Synology Drive combines multiple file portals on Synology NAS and makes easy the process of data management by synchronizing data all over different platforms. As per the firm, to fulfill your requirement for office collaboration, the Synology Drive also offers features of seamless sharing to make sure that you do not lose significant data. The different multimedia functions are Photo Station, Audio Station, Video Station, and Synology Moments.

On a related note, Synology earlier rolled out two new backup apps, to assist firms manage data in cross-platform atmospheres. The new applications include the official version of Active Backup and the beta version of Active Backup.

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